Kingsley Aikins Trains Networkers Worldwide on How to Build Their Best Asset

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Kingsley Aikins has traveled the world as a professional in trade and promotion. From 2013-17, Aikins served as Chairman of Linkedfinance. Linkedfinance is Ireland’s first crowdfunding company aimed at SMEs, and was established by Peter O’Mahoney who is the founder and former CEO. Aikins’ keen knowledge of how to organize and engage diaspora adds another important element to his expertise in networking. In 2010, he started The Networking Institute headquartered in Dublin to share what he’s learned with others around the globe to help them develop the kind of diverse and strategically assembled network that will serve them now and for years to come. Join Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek, as she chats with the witty and brilliant speaker, teacher, and networking guru, Aikins, about his work and journey ahead.

Meet Kingsley Aikins.  (32-min video)


Short Bio:

Kingsley Aikins is the Founder and CEO of The Networking Institute based in Dublin. He is a recognised expert on Networking and has written and spoken extensively on the topic. He has run workshops and presentations for some of the world’s leading companies such as Google, Linkedin, Accenture, Deloitte, Intel, KPMG, PwC, and a number of leading law firms in Ireland and elsewhere. He has worked with governments and international agencies such as the US State Department, the UN, EU, and the World Bank.

Kingsley is an economics graduate of Trinity College Dublin and has lived and worked in 6 countries in all of which he found networking and building networks essential for making progress. He worked for 10 years for the Irish Trade Board and IDA Ireland and was based in Sydney. He then led the Ireland Funds for 17 years mostly based in Boston. In his time with the Funds, over a quarter of a billion dollars was raised for projects in Ireland. He has developed extensive online and offline training programmes on Networking, Philanthropy/Fundraising, Public Speaking and Diaspora Engagement, and has spoken on these topics to many non-profits and government departments.

He was awarded a CBE for his work on British – Irish issues. A former Leinster rugby player, he is now based in Dublin with his wife and three children.

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