Kevin Humes: Leveraging Government Set-Asides to Bring Diversity and Inclusion into the Supply Chain

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Kevin Humes is a retired, disabled veteran who is the managing partner of USA International Holdings Co, U.S.A. AIA International Corp. During his 18 years of decorated service in the U.S. Army and prior to his medical discharge, Kevin was responsible for in-service recruitment, retention, education, and service member training for a company unit size of 300 personnel. Additional duties included assisting service members in preparation for departure from military service by utilizing any and all resources available to make the transition as smooth as possible.

In 2000, Kevin founded and became President and CEO of the American Veterans Alliance (AVA), a veterans service organization.  He also became President of the American Alliance for Disabled Veterans, a 501c-3 non-profit organization. Both organizations were founded to support veterans by assisting with providing education, employment, access to quality health care, and guidance in business and entrepreneurship.

Kevin’s legislative endeavors to support and empower veterans throughout the past 20 years have put the American Veterans Alliance and the American Alliance for Disabled Veterans front and center, advocating directly to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Labor, along with many of America’s largest veteran organizations.

We asked Kevin a few questions to get to know the impact of the innovative process he and his organization has established aimed at opening up opportunities for all supplies procurement, but, particularly innovations providing pandemic-related solutions.

Q & A with Kevin:

Q:  What is USA International Holdings and how do the other projects/programs you are doing fall within this corporation?

A:  USA International Holdings was formed in the year 2000, serving as the umbrella for several social enterprise branches.  The organization is currently building a network of several Service-Disabled Veterans Owned (SDVOSB), Veterans Owned Businesses (VOB), and Tribal Enterprises to engage the 23% sole-source, unsolicited contracts through the Executive Order 13360, Title #3, set-asides for all government contracts that will leverage the success of our contract manufacturing, private label, supply chain, industrial clearinghouse division. Under USA International Holdings, you’ll find American Veterans Industries (AVI) (procurement consulting/facilitation), ABC Biz Supply Mart, and Techsmart, platforms designed to carry out the mission of our procurement work.

Techsmart aims to be a public/private partnership for our clients’ choice in bringing state-of-the-art technologies into the global market.  We accomplish this by using our certifications and the ability to do business with governments as well as commercial businesses across the globe. We work with some of the most brilliant minds in developing advanced innovations that provide solutions to some of our most daring environmental challenges. Our unifying purpose is to bring sustainable and environmental solutions that will improve the quality of life while reducing our environmental footprints.

Kevin Humes presenting the Values of Incorporating -Veterans Workforce-Sub Contracting – Education Partnership (FAMU/ FIU) Procurement Contracting & Buy America

Techsmart is assessing products to be displayed on our website to be introduced to Amazon and government procurement opportunities under Executive Order 13360, Title #3, sole-source, unsolicited, set-asides. We currently are focusing on solar energy as well as other forms of energy, waste management, and lighting.  We welcome other innovative technologies, especially those relating to pandemic solutions that involve the environment.

Q:  American Veterans Industries (AVI) seems to be the lead organization for procurement assistance based on the government contract set-asides for the specialty categories you’ve mentioned.  How does it operate and how is this impacting during the current pandemic?

A:  AVI is a corporate management procurement firm that consists of professionals, attorneys, consultants, and coaches, with over 30 years of experience in contract procurement. Their procurement strategy is structured to increase profitability, improve productivity and business dexterity, streamline operations, and increase competitiveness. Their procurement consulting services portfolio supports the full range of client needs and anticipates future growth in the industries.

AVI manages contracts procured for its clients, vendors, or partners. Contract management includes vetting and negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts, ensuring training and compliance with the terms and conditions at all levels during its implementation or execution.  The process for vendors begins with an assessment of their product/service for a potential government contract.  Once that is complete, then an application is sent to the vendor, returning it with a product sample or demo in the case of a service.  If accepted, an agreement is executed.

What we are doing is helping those business owners who fit within the government criteria for set-asides to match up and secure those contracts, particularly for products and services that are in demand right now due to the pandemic.  We have an air-freight service owned by Expedited World Cargo, Inc. and Onway, who is in our network and whom we are marketing toward contract.  We have a company that is producing COVID 19 test kits for whom we are doing the same.  These owners and others we are talking with every day, likely never knew that they were uniquely qualified to meet government criteria for fulfilling a government business mandate.

We are developing technology now that will make the process from beginning to end streamlined and facilitated.  This technology will be a game-changer for how the set-aside operations occur going forward.  How this impacts during and post-pandemic and disaster situations will be nothing short of life-changing for the business owners in our network.

Q:  All of the work you’re doing now ties into the Anthem Project that puts it all together and brings many different technologies into a location-based service community for veterans.  Can you share a bit about this vision?

A:  The Anthem Project is a consortium of “best-in-class” public and private interests focused on a 360-degree approach to United States military veterans and their families, offering a holistic approach to all of their needs – housing, medical, education, employment, and a “clearinghouse” for veterans’ benefits.  The 10-minute video below shares the vision.

(Shared with permission from The Anthem Project)

The Anthem Project is taking shape in Miami Dade District #1, Opa Locka, Opa Locka Airport, and will be constructed on available “shovel-ready” land within the heart of the Medical District and in close proximity to the existing Veteran’s Administration health care system.

We are ready, gathering some amazing partnerships, and looking forward to spreading this model around the United States.

Kevin’s Networking Interests:

  • International manufacturers interested in a partnership to pursue government contracts
  • International buyers desiring Made In America and/or Assembled By Disabled Veterans products/services
  • Innovative products and services (particularly technology-based and environmental solution-oriented)





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