Joshua Konkankoh Builds Ecovillages and Promotes the Benefit of Permaculture

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Tamera. Speaking at the defend the Sacred Alliance in Portugal 2018

Joshua Konkankoh weaves a fascinating story of his growing up years in the beautiful forests of Cameroon.  Those same forests thread throughout his life journey into ecovillage development and permaculture. His words paint a vivid picture of these villages where the connection between natural resources and human beings has a distinctive flow.  His work, advocacy, activism, and love for Africa and its environment keep Joshua moving forward to building positive momentum for mother earth and its residents.

In partnership with Tamera Peace Research and Education Center, Joshua, bases himself and his work out of Portugal.  He shares his work with Tamera and perspectives on collaboration and youth engagement for the conservation quest he calls “Permaculture the African Way” with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer, Mary Kurek.

Meet Joshua Konkankoh. (42-minute video)

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IPC Speaking about African Permaculture Union at the International Permaculture Convergence in London.



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