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Jonathan Sudharta, CEO and Co-Founder, Halodoc, Greater Jakarta Area

Why This Focus of Impact:

Jonathan Sudharta on Health Teach starts here:  Jonathan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Halodoc, Indonesia’s First Online healthcare platform. Halodoc aims to simplify access to healthcare; from telemedicine via video call, through medicine delivery for under 60 minutes and home services for laboratory check. Halodoc is trying its best to create a one-stop end-to-end solution for healthier Indonesia. As the fourth largest world economy by 2045, the nation could only last with a healthy and prosperous population, and it is Halodoc’s vision to fully support the noble purpose.

Jonathan started Halodoc because he realized there was limited doctor supply in Indonesia, difficult logistics to get to hospitals and pharmacies due to traffic (total of 4 hours back and forth on average to get to a hospital and back home in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city). The aforementioned challenges require a breakthrough to solve from the fundamental level, thus technology is the key to attack the problems from the roots.


  • Received Forbes Most Innovative Company 2018
  • Received Galen’s Growth Most Innovative Healthcare Startup 2018  (See article on Galen Growth’s CEO here.)
  • Hitting 20x growth in 2018- meaning that 20x more people are now being helped by Halodoc

Looking Ahead:

Building an end to end digital healthcare experience in Indonesia (O2O online to offline platform ).  Simplifying access to healthcare for all Indonesians, specifically those in rural areas that have limited access to doctors.  Transforming the healthcare space into a more transparent and accessible process that benefits everyone

Networking Interests:

  • Health tech innovators with products already on the market
  • Health tech investors that have invested in other health tech products around the world
  • Employees of health tech companies


  1. In fact; Halodoc sangat membantu warga² kota yang padat maupun warga pelosok di Indonesia.
    Selain butuh waktu yang lama untuk mencapai Sarana Kesehatan di kota² besar karena kepadatan arus lalu lintas, penempatan Dokter di Indonesia belum merata (Kesediaan Dokter untuk tinggal di pelosok sangat terbatas).
    Saat ini, Halodoc bisa dijangkau & memudahkan warga kota maupun warga yang tinggal di pelosok seluruh Indonesia dengan cepat dalam hal berkomunikasi dengan Dokter, dan atau mendapatkan obat/supplement yang dibutuhkan dengan segera tanpa harus ke Sarana Kesehatan berulang² terutama untuk warga Kota.

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