Jolyne Jelimo on Developing Youth Leaders in Education Cohorts Around the Globe

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Jolyne was able to introduce teenage children to technology by way of basic electronics and electric projects at Young Life Africa Children’s Home in Ruiru, Nairobi in 2017.

Jolyne Jelimo is the country head and Vice President of Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) for Kenya.  Her rise to this leadership position shows you exactly where her values lie as a rising influencer in her country, especially when it comes to impacting education, economic development, and youth mindset.  The latter is more important than you may think, especially, within the community development sector in areas of the world where professional training and funding initiatives are scarce for those with a brave enough heart to try to make a difference.  Jolyne, along with the support of the GGA, is creating the opportunity via virtual cohorts to solve the problem of education necessary for young community leaders to learn the skills necessary to create successful projects and programs in their own areas.  In this video interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek, Jolyne shares some of her own story and how the GGA youth leadership program is progressing (and how others can participate.)  Meet Jolyne Jelimo.  (14-minute video)



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