Investor Series: Vandana Tolani of Convanto Shares Details on Properly Engaging Investors

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Vandana Tolani, Founder & CEO of Convanto

Vandana Tolani, Founder and CEO of Convanto headquartered in India, has developed her own path to helping entrepreneurs get funded, and she does so backed with a great deal of experience.  Vandana’s work prior to launching Convanto in 2019 includes some “heavy lifting” in the global investments space working with venture groups and large fund portfolios.  Her experience in this field along with incubator-advising and starting her own business allows for a strong level of understanding of both perspectives of the investment journey.

Vandana talked with Frontrunners Development Founder and President, Mary Kurek, about how she operates as a funding professional, how she’s amassed a global network of 300 investors PE/ VCs/ Angels and HNIs, and what a founder should consider when they are seeking a professional’s help in fundraising.

Meet Vandana Tolani.  (20-minute video)

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