Investor-Advisor Interview: Sara Wimmercranz

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Sara Wimmercranz, Founder & CEO, Backing Minds

Sara Wimmercranz fills many business roles, but, of note, it was her role as a founder and entrepreneur that pushed her into working to bring investments to the undiscovered “gems” – the entrepreneurs who are solving the world’s problems in creative ways.  As the founder and CEO of BackingMinds, Sara works to ensure that equity in funding emerges successful, and she does that not only with financial investment, but also with the investment of experience, wisdom, and extraordinary business talent.  She views it as a “team” approach.

In this interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek, Sara talks about her own founder journey as well as the types of impact BackingMinds looks for and how they operate.  Meet Sara Wimmercranz (16-minute video)




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Shout out to Frontrunners League member, Sharzad Modeli, for the introduction to Sara.