Game Changer: H.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (Spain)

Eršffnung Headquarter der Europcar Mobility Group in Deutschland Veranstaltung im GebŠude Berliner Bogen am 10.4.2019<br /> Foto: Society Relations/Wallocha

H.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern

H.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is a designer for furniture, home-decoration, pets-children-and lifestyle products. She is successfully presented with her collections in about 80 countries on the international market. She was honored with the ASIA DESIGN AWARD GOLD; in Shanghai/China as the best designer. She has a high international reputation in media. Currently, Princess Maja has presented her “Royal Bath” Collection, her vegan carpet collection, “Royal Collection,” and her home decor collection, “Chateau.” Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is a keynote speaker at Europe’s most renowned speaker agency, Speakers Excellence, on the subject of sustainability. Princess Maja is a committed animal welfare activist and lives together with many rescued stray dogs and cats. For her global social commitment, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was awarded with important international awards. Princess Maja is an ambassador for PETA and honorable member of “Eduxanima” in Romania, a program that educates children in animal welfare classes at school. Out of respect and love for animals and humans, as well as knowledge of the connections between factory, farming, pollution, and famine in the world, Princess Maja is a vegan. She lives together with 11 rescued dogs and 5 cats, that she all has adopted from the street.