Princess (Dr.) Dato’ Seri Romona Murad is Malaysia’s Ambassador of International Peace

Her Highness Princess (Dr)  Dato’ Seri Romona Murad comes from an illustrious lineage that includes Alexander the Great and continues back to Isaac, the son of Abraham.  Her royal bloodline, she says, is on her father’s side (through his father’s side) and is documented and archived at the HERALDIQUE & GENEALOGIE Institute, Paris, France.  Though her royal status is important, her title as “Dato’” denotes high honor and immense respect for her humanitarian work. The Sultan of Inderagiri, Indonesia conferred the title “Dato’ Seri” in 2014 which is comparable to being “knighted” in the United Kingdom. You can find more on Her Highness’s lineage, titles, and honors here:

Her Highness received much of her higher education in the United States.  She attended the University of Texas, Arlington, TX, US earning her BA in Political Science, Business Administration, and Public Administration on a full scholarship from the Government of Malaysia. While a student there, she received honors as “Outstanding International Student Leader” and a nomination for “Outstanding Student Leader.”  She continued her education in the US by acquiring an MBA in Business Administration with a focus on Media and Communications from Berkeley International University.  Not long after that, she received the Honorary Ph.D. from The International Royal Academy of the United Nations in the area of Fine Arts and Management. She returned to Malaysia to take up roles with major corporations managing events and performing public relations and marketing duties.  She launched her own business in 2007 under the company name Romona International Sdn Bhd, representing and consulting with clients in oil and gas, environmental solutions, media, raw diamonds, gold trading, and hotel properties.