This is the list of instructions for people who have specifically been invited to be interviewed for this platform.  If you have an interest in being interviewed by the Frontrunners Team, you should contact us here.  

Hello Brilliant Impact Innovator:  We’re looking forward to interviewing you for Frontrunners Innovate media platform.  The platform has viewers in over 160 countries.  Our mission is to spotlight innovators and those working to solve the world’s problems in large and small ways.  More importantly, we want to help people connect so that solutions and support can reach around the globe.  Here are the details and the link to schedule your interview.

Your interview:

  • will be recorded on the Zoom platform as a video (you will be on camera – not as a photo icon) and uploaded to Youtube and then embedded in the platform on a page dedicated to the focus of the interview
  • will have you “on camera” — if you feel like you are having a day where you simply cannot be on camera, please let us know asap and we will reschedule
  • will exist as a video on the Frontrunners Development Channel on YouTube and potentially, depending on the content, it may be submitted to our partners at
  • will be roughly 20 minutes long (unless there will be more than one of you interviewed)
  • requires decent lighting so be near a lamp or a natural light source – overhead lighting tends to be harsh
  • will require some quiet, so turn off cell phones and be in as distraction-free a place as possible.  Check your background before you get on the call to make sure we are seeing YOU and not items that you wish not to be seen
  • will require you NOT to be driving or as a passenger in a car as the distractions, bad connections, and traffic noise is too much
  • can be rescheduled if you need it to be — just give as much notice as possible
  • will be accompanied by a few things you’ll need to send by EMAIL (not via Google Doc) before or on the day of the interview:  a)  clear color headshot – about 1000 px in png or jpeg, b) 2 or 3 other relevant photos WITH CAPTIONS THAT INCLUDE WHERE/WHEN, etc.) your website, Linkedin, and any social media links you wish to send, and c) a pdf of any lengthy bios, fliers about your products, services, or current event announcements
  • will be promoted starting on Linkedin and you will be tagged when that happens, and then it will be circulated among other social media sites
  • should be posted and reposted by you and your network once it goes live — add the link to your website, newsletters, e-signatures, marketing and pitch materials, and where you feel it may be useful (we have people use it to get grants and awards)

Here is the calendar link with available slots to schedule your interview. 

If you have questions about anything, just let us know.  By the way, we often get asked for a list of questions before the interview.  We usually don’t send questions in advance, unless there’s a specific reason, as we feel like it makes the video stale.  We want it conversational and casual and to follow a path that seems natural.  We do, however, always like to start with a person’s background to find out how they got to where they are, their “why,” and then what they are doing as well as where they are going with it.

Thanks for the opportunity to spotlight you and your work.  Looking forward to the interview.