How to Build a Business Development Consultancy

Two years ago, I started getting asked this question…
How do you monetize introductions?

In the fall of 2022, I decided the best way to answer that question is to create a course to lead people through how I do it.  And, other than simply helping people to create an income flow that adds to their business or becomes their business, there are two big reasons why I felt the time had come.


Performing business introductions has tremendous potential to create an important impact in so many amazing ways.

People you introduce could be expanding a business that delivers better access to healthcare, provides tech solutions in disaster situations, and brings empowerment, clean energy, agriculture, transportation, finance, and education innovation that results in improving lives, economies, and futures.

And, you know that’s not all.


I want (need) well-trained business development colleagues with their minds and hearts in the right places.

Independent business developers cannot do it all alone.

We work well in tandem to open doors that otherwise would not be opened.  We help each other in trade and commerce deals, connect each other to new resources, refer requests, and work together on large-scale projects that are profitable and serve the greater good.

At least 90% of the projects on which I work come through or involve other business developers.

As a business developer in my world, you are a lot more than someone who simply makes an introduction.

The online course I’ve created is called “How to Build a Business Development Consultancy.”  It is recommended for:

  • Business and Executive Coaches
  • Business Management and Marketing Consultants
  • Media Platform (ie:  podcast, magazine, blog) Owners with an audience or community base of entrepreneurs, start-ups, or independent professionals
  • PR Professionals
  • Trade and Commerce Consultants

The course is developed in English.  But, there's one big important thing to know:  access to this course is by invitation only.  If we are potentially training you to work with us, we have to know if this is actually a fit for you.

Learn a bit about the course, and then talk to us and let's explore if a business development consultancy is a good fit for all.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to change your mindset about networking
  • How to develop a better network perfect for business development
  • How to attract great contacts easier
  • How to use your business development consultancy to foster your company’s influence
  • How to monetize your consultancy


    • Upgraded income potential
    • Greatly increased confidence in making connections and introductions
    • Personal and business impact realization
    • Potential opportunity to collaborate with Frontrunners Development, Inc.
    For more details on how you can build your own business development consultancy or include it with your current business portfolio of services, click the link below.