Frontrunners in Faith:  A Global Love Story


"On the morning of November 10th, I arose quite early. Still dark outside, I enjoyed the solitude…the quiet that allows for slow awakening and a meditative time before coffee. I had no idea how impactful this day would become."


By Mary Kurek, Publisher of Frontrunners Innovate and Founder of The Frontrunners League of Social Impact Innovation



My cell phone suddenly pinged.  It was a Linkedin message.

The father of our youngest Frontrunners League member was just sending me notes on his amazing daughter and how far she has come from the baby who had life-saving surgery at 9 days old.  A surprising communication since I really only had interacted with him on calls with his teenage daughter.  But, this endearing parlay of communication continued throughout the next hour before I received a startling text message from my business partner that read…

“You have a League member in trouble.”

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