Holiday Poem 2021 – The Eve of Meaning by Mary Kurek

In Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

This poem is my Christmas gift to you, along with the performance of the song that created the experience.  The song is actually a poem set into music and is a long-beloved Christmas carol – one that I never really “heard” before last Christmas Eve.  

I voiced the poem as a podcast episode for those who would rather listen.  See below:

It was eerily quiet that Christmas Eve

Bundled on the couch all alone

Warm with kitty and a little candlelight

I encountered an unexpected moment

As I clicked television channels 

Looking for something meaningful

An Irish voice so beautiful and soft

Clear and soulful, sang to me like a beckoning angel

In The Bleak Midwinter – familiar song, but not like this

With a compassionate and reverential stillness

The soft words broke and fell heavy on a full heart

Violins brought forth the tears just waiting to emerge

I felt the meaning and healing I was searching for

But didn’t know I actually needed

Peace…peace that whatever I am able to do, it is enough

Whatever is left undone will not cause worry

Peace in that the happenings of life are just that 

And, overwhelm can give way to calm if you let it

Peace in that the love born into human form that winter night so long ago

Only asks us to do one thing

This beautiful poem nestled into music asks and answers that very question

Humbly “What can I give Him?  Give my heart.”


Wishing you the comfort of peace, a rested soul amidst all the craziness of life, and the understanding that you are loved – you ARE love, and sharing is all that we need to do. Give your heart.

Merry Christmas and God Bless you.  My gift to you is that song by Keith & Kristyn Getty.  You’ll find the Youtube video below.  Special appreciation goes to Chaitali Sinha, the artist who illustrated this poem.