Game Changer Henrik Ibsen (Health Tech)

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Henrik L. Ibsen, CEO, OpenTeleHealth, Aps, Denmark

Why This Focus of Impact:

Henrik Ibsen on Health Tech starts here:  Henrik founded a healthcare IT company in 2003, worked for 10 years as a consultant, and developed HealthCare IT solutions on a national level in Denmark, until becoming tired of consulting.  He started OpenTeleHealth in 2015 to continue and commercialize a national open source project in Denmark to demonstrate a positive ROI on large-scale telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Results from OpenTeleHealth document 17$ savings per day for CHF patients alone.  Henrik is driven by developing and marketing a product that saves lives and resources every day and provides better life quality for chronic diseases.

Henrik Ibsen at work on OpenTeleHealth

Henrik shares the following excerpts from a white paper reporting results from OpenTeleHealth:

“COPD – The group of patients with severe COPD experienced improved quality of life, and the number and length of hospitalizations were reduced by 11% and 20% respectively.  One of the major benefits is that the product allows us to perform healthcare tasks at the most efficient cost level. For instance, a GP or a municipal nurse now perform tasks that previously required an outpatient visit or hospitalization.”

“Complicated Pregnancies – The number of outpatient visits has been reduced, staff spends 75% less time on patient monitoring, and the number of inpatient days for women with pregnancy complications has been reduced by 44%.
In short, OpenTeleHealth is the enabling integrated care technology platform ensuring such strong results across any disease and care protocol for telehealth. Based on such documented positive outcomes, Denmark has now issued tenders for a nationwide rollout of telehealth initially focused on complicated pregnancies and diseases like COPD, with CHF and Diabetes following.”  
“In parallel with positive developments in Denmark, OpenTeleHealth, being one of the only scalable and CE marked integrated care platforms, has been launched across several countries internationally and has already delivered strong outcomes enabling additional use cases, such as monitoring of COPD, diabetes, and dementia and even contributed to 80% compliance in an alcohol prevention programme.”


  • Visionary and architect behind the renowned national Danish health-portal “” that was launched
    in 2003 and remains the most admired national portal of its kind in the world.
  • Supplied the national service platform (NSP) to the Danish government in 2011 that integrates ALL health IT
    systems in Denmark across GP, hospitals, and government databases, enabling a national EMR available for
    all citizens.
  • Developed and delivered large-scale telehealth in 2003 in all of Denmark and have since kept thousands of
    people with chronic disease under monitoring, preventing re-admissions and documenting unparalleled ROI and improved life quality.

Looking Ahead:

Expanding affordable and high volume telehealth to international markets to enable healthcare to reach
corners of the world where doctors and nurses are scarce.  Simple and effective solutions and implementations that empower local companies and clinicians to deploy and maintain telehealth in any environment where internet is reachable.

Networking interests:

  • International NGO’s that focus on providing more healthcare for fewer resources.
  • Device producers that seek distribution in combination with other types of devices.
  • Healthcare organizations that have actual experience in large scale telehealth and remote patient