Helen Watts of Student Energy Works to Establish Youth Voices in Climate Decisions

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Helen Watts is at the heart of what the Student Energy organization (and some would say movement) is all about. Her ball-of-fire enthusiasm and forward momentum toward being the voice on the platform – the decision-maker at the table is contagious. She knows the place for youth and the critical position the entire world is in if inclusion for purpose isn’t embraced.

Inequity is an issue faced by youth and maybe even more so in some places where youth is the second strike against you if you are also female. This lively conversation hosted by Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek, along with Co-Host and Youth Climate Advocate, Aditi Banerjee, revealed details of the work of Student Energy and how anyone can get involved. Thanks also to Business Development Assistant, Margaret Nabagenyi, for joining the conversation.

Meet Helen Watts, Senior Dir., Global Partnerships, Student Energy

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Helen’s Website: https://studentenergy.org
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Special Thanks to Our Co-hosts: Aditi Banerjee and Margaret Nabagenyi

Aditi Banerjee


Aditi Banerjee is a young advocate living in the UK who is already an accomplished spoken word artist.  She uses her talent to bring a spotlight to world events, climate change, and empowerment.




Margaret Nabagenyi


Margaret Nabagenyi is an inspirational result-oriented team leader who excels at project and program management in the development and humanitarian fields. She is currently an Intern with Frontrunners Development Inc where she desires to master the technical aspects of business development.