Geofrey Julius is Creating a Competitive Education and Entrepreneurship Environment in Tanzania

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Geofrey Julius is a young entrepreneur and dedicated solution provider when it comes to education that brings the best opportunities to youth. As the Chairman and CEO of ICESA-AFRICA headquartered in Tanzania, Geofrey Julius aims to build leaders with skills and experiences that matter in upper-level business settings. Through a combination of training, conference events, and programs, ICESA-AFRICA is bringing social accountability and growth-oriented change to his country and beyond through upscaling education. He shares why and how with Frontrunners Innovate Publisher and Host, Mary Kurek.

Meet Geofrey Julius.  (25-minute video)

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Geofrey Julius’ Short Bio:

A Tanzanian young entrepreneur, Geofrey Julius is the Chairman and CEO of ICESA-AFRICA. He supervises strategy and its implementation. ICESA-AFRICA is an institution of competitive education and social accountability in Africa aimed to shape all change-makers from their inner desire to advance their performance, management, and supervision success of their business initiatives through training, conferences, consultancy, education programs, work, and partnerships. 

Geofrey Julius started his first business venture at the young age of 25 years when he started feeling like he could wish to help youth to transform their own ideas, and, yes, his wish has become true.  Since he has attained different youth platforms, he gained a lot of experience on how youth can change their nations. 

His understanding of risk drives him to continue advancing in youth innovations.  One of the leading problems for African youths is unemployment which has been due to the insufficient skills available for self-employment. An innovative and motivated mind has to be created in youths so as to make technological advancements.  Before his current position, he worked with several local radio stations, such as Triple-A FM and MJ FM. He also worked with international organizations such as MS Training center for development in cooperation with MS TCDC (Action Aid Denmark Danish Centre –Arusha) as an Assistant Marketing Officer and Twiga  Vision Tanzania as Media and Communication Manager. Geofrey Julius is a determined and strong-minded entrepreneur and his unexpected characteristics of self-confidence and creativity have given rise to his successful initiatives.

 A Journalist and documentary filmmaker, Geofrey Julius holds a degree in Media and Communication, and a diploma in Journalism from Arusha Journalism Institute. He also holds other professional qualifications

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