Genya Dana is Helping to Prove the Genomics Diagnostic Role in Disease Prevention

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Dr. Genya Dana believes that diagnostic capability is the best factor in the prevention of devastating diseases and is proving the weight of genomics as a great vehicle for diagnosis. Genya has extensive experience in the science of genomics and is also an experienced policy expert and negotiator at strategically managing complex systems to bring innovation to the forefront. Her current role at Avellino Labs, a precision medicine lab, is head of Global Health Policy with a mission to bring health solutions to a world in desperate need.

Genya and Mary Kurek, Host/Producer of Frontrunners Innovate, along with Co-Host Brad Ringeisen, E.D., Innovation Genomics Institute, discuss Genya’s current work, her background of working with the World Economic Forum, and what’s yet to come that will make the biggest difference for impact.

Meet Genya Dana with Co-Host Brad Ringeisen

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Brad Ringeisen

Special Thanks to Brad Ringeisen, Executive Dir., Innovative Genomics Institute

Brad Ringeisen is a physical chemist with a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a pioneer in the field of live cell printing, and an experienced administrator of scientific research and product development.

Before joining the IGI, Brad was Director of the Biological Technologies Office at DARPA, where he managed a division working at the cutting edges of biology, physical sciences, and engineering. Programs in Brad’s office included research in genome editing, epigenetics, neurotechnology, and marine science, as well as diagnostics and therapeutics development. Prior to DARPA, Brad ran his own research group at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory as the head of the Bioenergy and Biofabrication Section.