Gene and Arlene Rumley Change Lives for Orphans in India

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Gene and Arlene Rumley have been operating Mission for Orphans for more than a dozen years to support children in orphanages in India. They started with the goal to rescue one child at a time and then started supporting and building orphanages to shelter, feed, and educate many outcast, trafficked, and homeless children. Today, they are working on building a village to house particularly those who have aged out of orphanages with nowhere to go. The village will include a computer center and opportunities to build a decent life, which, in turn, will build a better village. The Rumleys and their organization are headquartered in the US.

Gene and Arlene spoke with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Host, Mary Kurek, about the work they are doing and the needs they have to move it forward.  Please notice all resources below.

Meet Gene and Arlene Rumley of Mission for Orphans.  (30-minute video)

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