Frontrunners Update – Behavioral Telehealth – Search with Privacy – Film Project

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“Before his interview was even published on the site, one of our most recent community members was connected to another for a business demo involving a major economic development opportunity.  So far, green lights ahead.”

What’s New:

Frontrunners League Membership

New Members: If you are not already a Frontrunners League member, you can find out how it works here.

Shout out to Jillian Haslam (UK), Author, Speaker, Trainer, Philanthropist & Mother Teresa Award Recipient, Adam Gordon, (US) CEO, Independent Private Search, and Joyce Nwatuobi (US) Co-Founder/CEO of ThriveHealth, Telehealth-Kidney & Behavioral.  We look forward to helping each one make connections that will further their business interests, and therefore, their impact.

Thank you Teri Rider & Carrie Nikitin for the referrals.  Appreciation is coming your way.

New Partners:

Frontrunners Innovate is proud to partner with 2 youth development events happening this year in Nigeria:

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Business & Other Opportunities:

We are looking for connections for the following business opportunities.  (If you feel you or someone you know fits, please contact Mary.)

If you are not already a Frontrunners League member, you can find out how it works here.

  • US-based hospital groups, corrections/prison systems, mental health/behavioral health clinics.
  • US or UK-based documentary film director.
  • Organizations with groups where online privacy (search without being tracked by big media) would be important.
  • Leaders and decision-makers in countries and states anywhere who are interested in unique economic development models.
  • Impact investors or fund-finders interested in being a part of a group that discusses new funding opportunities and funds being developed.
  • Organizations or projects working to spread education through schools or are getting ready to launch a curriculum or learning platform.
  • People interested in developing diplomatic skills – what it takes to become a UN Ambassador, proper process for policymaking, resources for furthering your leadership path to a diplomatic role, and more.  (Course to be delivered by Ambassador Ghazala Khan.)

Interviews are now available on our podcast.  Look for the links at the top of the interview page or visit here.  Remember, there are business opportunities in every interview.