Frontrunners Looking for Fundraising Ideas May Get Just That

In Funding, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Mary Kurek, President and CEO of Frontrunners Development (publishers of Frontrunners Innovate) talks about joining forces with Frontrunner, Dr. Aaron Smith, to provide a webinar event to deliver fundraising ideas and grant tips for global leaders working to help their communities.

Kurek shares in this video that she’s aware of how challenging it is for organization leaders around the world (particularly in marginalized areas) to be able to raise funds to create the impact their mission mandates (and for which their heart longs).  The pressure to find funding drives many to actions they wouldn’t normally take or to a means that casts a dark shadow on their reputations.

With more than 8 years working as a nonprofit executive, experience founding two nonprofit organizations, serving on several boards in an advisory capacity, and professional training in organizational management, Kurek feels she has some ideas (25 to be exact) and tips to offer that could be of help to anyone.  The plan, if there’s enough interest, is to provide a 1-hour free webinar to anyone who is interested.  Dr. Aaron Smith, a 2-time author of innovative education books and experienced with grants, is offering his expertise to round out what will be a very informative event.  Details and a request for interested parties in the 3:41 minute video below:

What is needed now to determine progress on offering the event is for parties to share their interest (by April 20, 2022) on the Linkedin posting of this video or to send a note by clicking here.