Frontrunners League Members with Pandemic Solutions

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The following are some of our Frontrunners League members (from our innovator and expert network connected to the Frontrunners Innovate Magazine) who are providing some globally available solutions for situations caused by the pandemic.  If you’d like to reach out to any of these members, we are happy to introduce you.  Please email

Shower to Go

Shower to Go (Large Body Wipes)

Individually package bath-towel-sized wet wipes with medical-grade sanitizer.  The smaller size is also available. Perfect for healthcare settings, assisted livings, and other situations where sanitation is often cumbersome for healthcare providers and for the patient.  Short-term solution.


Bridget Edwards (Stress Counseling)

Bridget Edwards can assist people who are perhaps stressed, anxious, and/or have fears or phobias about the coronavirus – she will offer 2-hour online counseling sessions via Skype (rate is US$125 payable via PayPal).  By using Skype, she can work with anyone, regardless of their geographical location.

CareClix (Telemedicine Services)

24/7 telemedicine services (hospitals, correctional facilities, clinics, research labs, etc.)  Includes mental health services.  Global.  CareClix delivers HIPPA compliant telehealth solutions over the phone, through the web, and via mobile apps – supporting 200+ devices.  Strategic health partners are top hospitals/medical providers and our corporate clients are Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Free Covid tests with program
  • Enterprise adoption of data for Metrics Reporting
  • Training and promotion for strong adoption and utilization
  • White-labeled services for small and large-scale implementations

RealLifeSim IV Trainer (Phlebotomy Trainer)

Inexpensive trainer for untrained and experienced as a refresher.  Hundreds of sticks.  Quickly, can train for accuracy and safety for patient and nurse.  Youtube to show use.

GoX Labs (Wearable To Predict Illness)

GoX Ergo with Samsung Gearup can provide location services, communications, alerts, fatigue, fitness (illness prediction), dehydration, and thermal stress assessment.  Powerful tool for many of the emergency/critical service providers (truck drivers, warehouse workers, first responders/emergency workers, military, etc).  All is possible with just one watch – no pod required. Watch can be cleaned with EPA registered anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaners, such as alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  Youtube on GoX Labs Ergo System — see also another video above.



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