Frontrunners Innovate-Hosted Global Fundraiser Panel

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Part of our Investor Series:  This is a recorded Q & A session with four fundraising experts – almost all are also serial entrepreneurs and/or serial investors. Backgrounds in banking, cap raising with highly credentialed firms, and/or serving on boards with names like Mark Cuban. The info and Q & A created enough synergy in the group for them to ask to meet again.  And, so they will in August 2021.  If you are interested in joining in on this or future similar conversations, contact us here.

Thanks to Vandana Tolani, Tushar Kansal, Paulina Tenner, and Atif Zafar.  We’re sharing the recording as will be meaningful to others.

(51-minute video)

Our Panel:

Vandana Tolani: (India)

Atif Zafar: (US)

Tushar Kansal: (India)

Paulina Tenner:  (UK)

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