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Social entrepreneurs are the most under-supported business owners in the world. Out of the over 582 mil entrepreneurs reportedly in the world, an average of 7.6% of working-age adults have self-designated as social entrepreneurs.
Most social entrepreneurs are likely self-funding a minimum of the first two years of operation and may have done so while working another job. They need to get visible in a way that's quick, cost-effective, and can be used to gain more visibility.
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Visibility Helps to Build our Community

In the UK alone, more than 75% of their social entrepreneurs are without employees, and globally what small staffs they do acquire in the first few years include volunteers. Building a community means creating access to resources, inspiration, ideas, and useful information.
This is important because...social entrepreneurs are trying to achieve something greater in value than can be measured monetarily. They are not selling widgets; they are changing the world, or at the very least, making it better. And, they (you) deserve help.
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The community is our business development network

Headquartered in the U.S., Frontrunners Development, Inc. conducts business development activities supporting social entrepreneurs worldwide.

We create visibility opportunities through various forms of content on our platform Frontrunners Innovate.

We open up business expansion opportunities within our community of innovators and impact leaders, which we call our Frontrunners League.

If you are a Frontrunner in social enterprise that we've yet to meet, join the League today and let's get you scheduled for a chat to discover how we can help you expand your impact.

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Visibility + Community + our services = your impact

The membership-based community we call Frontrunners League is our business development network. League members respond to introductions from us and members for connections to collaborative projects, publicity opportunities, leads to contracts, resources, and more.

We companion our efforts with consulting and coaching services to keep our community thriving and moving forward because we count their impact as our own.

We like to expand upon the visibility we already provide for members by way of directory listings, opportunities to host "Channels" with their own content and collaborate with us and other members on webinars and events.

We do all of this as a unique solution to provide excellent support to the world's problem solvers. We are the first international media platform specifically designed to generate networking connections for the purpose of social impact.

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