Frontrunner with State-of Mind-Innovation

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If you’ve been following Frontrunners Innovate for a while, you know the magazine is only part of our “story.”  We have a companion member network called Frontrunners League filled with those disruptors and game-changers that we’ve interviewed over the years.  Being the true innovators they are, they never stop innovating.  Here’s one good example:

From Liminal VR, we have a free platform for the Oculus Quest designed to help you engage a particular state of being:

From Liminal:  “Alter your state of mind and choose how you feel and perform.  Explore a range of experiences that apply research by neuroscientists and psychologists to induce and augment emotional and cognitive states.  There are currently four categories of experience: Calm, Energy, Pain Relief, and Awe with new content and more categories to be released over time. Calming experiences are relaxing and beautiful, energizing experiences fun and invigorating, pain relief experiences are designed to make you more comfortable and awe experiences will leave you speechless.”

Visit the site below for more information and how to jump on board.



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