Frontrunners Spot Application

Filling out this form begins the process of engaging with Frontrunners Development, Inc. to secure one of the two types of spots available for the Frontrunners Innovate Media Platform: Nonprofit/charity or Business/Founder. A reminder that this is a fee-based opportunity. Applications are only accepted from legally registered nonprofits/charities/businesses. Please fill out this application completely and press submit. Note: Submissions must be in English, have a Website (and/or Facebook page which serves in the place of a site) as well as an updated personal Linkedin profile. The applicant's work must focus on at least 1 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Applicant must be a leader in his/her company/organization. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed and the applicant will be notified by email. Accepted applicants will be sent instructions on submitting content at which time the appropriate fee ($25 US for nonprofit/charity or $197 US for business/founder) will be assessed and payable by credit card. Questions can be submitted here: Frontrunners Development, Inc. will only accept entries that meet our standards of appropriate content for our diverse global audience of innovators, NGO leaders, diplomats, and solution providers. We look forward to working with you to put a spotlight on your work and impact.

Name of the nonprofit organization or charity being represented.
Select 1. The leader in the company/organization presenting the content. Please indicate the best response from the dropdown.
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A proper company website or a Facebook page for small nonprofits is required for interview consideration. Please share the URL.
Provide URL to your updated Linkedin profile for our team's assessment and also because Linkedin profiles are generally listed with interviews.
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If you do not have a Whatsapp Account, please share your telephone number including the country code. This is for our admin team's use only - in the case it is needed for contact.
What is your goal for the interview? (Example: Expanding visibility. Want Sponsors, Supporters, Volunteers, or Specific Resources. Gain Feedback. Secure Collaborators.)
UN SDGs(Required)
The work of you, your organization, or your company must impact at least one of the UN SDGs. Please select all where it specifically applies.
If your product/service/offering creates an impact that solves a problem but it doesn't directly fit with a UN SDG, please share that information here.
Timing for the Spot
If your spot's timing is tied to an event or your own schedule, please indicate that sensitivity here.
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