Free Event-New Ideas on Old Climate Conversations Virtual Gathering

In Climate, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

The last time we held a panel-type event, it lasted about an hour and the exchange was so rich, the group decided that they wanted to continue meeting.  We’ll hold their next chat in a couple of weeks and already there have been several potential opportunities.  So, here we go again.  This time, the subject has to do with a fresh look at a conversation we’ve heard a lot about in the last several years:  climate.  Add “change” to the word; add “action” to it…whatever you add, it seems like it is a conversation with a lot of viewpoints and maybe not as much action as we’d like to see or need to see.

So, we’ve gathered a diverse group of experts and advocates with their own ideas of concepts and approaches.  Each one will share a 3-5 minute opening statement and then we’ll open the floor for comments and questions.  Our young hosts, Emma Ochieng of Kenya and Aditi Banerjee of the UK, who are both climate advocates, will moderate the event.

This free event will happen on Zoom and be recorded, but, we hope you’ll jump on board by registering below, so your own comments can be documented.  Like the last panel, you never know what will fall out from an event like this, and the fact that we actually look for and facilitate such opportunities, well, that should be your motivation.  Posting the flyer below – registration link included in the flier.