Former NFLer Marques Ogden Used His Rock Bottom to Create Success for Himself and Others

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Marques Ogden, Coach/Consultant, Speaker & Author

Marques Ogden has a riches-to-rags-to-riches story that is compelling and full of the kind of drama you’d expect to see on the big screen. But, this former NFL player who ended up with a janitorial job before finding his true north inspires and helps others move from their own stagnation. Marques is a business consultant, speaker, and best-selling author/podcast host who is commanding attention from some of the top brands in the US. He shares his rise from ashes and his current work with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer, Mary Kurek.

Meet Marques Ogden.  (22-minute video).

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#69 for the Tennessee Titans, Marques Ogden









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