Fill Your Mind with Namara: Meet Nancy Lazaro, UNSDG Advocate and Writer From Tanzania

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Miss Nancy Lazaro

“Passions,” a word I would relate to extreme contentment in one’s tasks, is a direction towards your God-given purpose on this earth.  Negativity blocks the work that the passion would’ve done.

So many of us have passions within us that the world shuns out and calls useless.  Making your passion a reality creates a life that is characterized by joy.

Watching this interview will show you how the United Nations SGD (sustainable development goals) advocate/writer, Miss Nancy Lazaro, will indeed inspire you to pursue whatever you’d like despite the negativity around you just as how she self-published her own book!

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Author, Namara Lwansa

Namara Lwansa is a young student from Tanzania whose speaking and writing talents have already started carving a leadership path for her in areas of Africa.  The youngest Frontrunners League member is now the first African blogger in the new section of this magazine dedicated to African Influencers and Innovators.  Fill Your Mind is Namara’s contribution in blog form, often accompanied by video interviews that will include content relevant to everyday things, modern-day issues, and global situations…all of which will help Fill Your Mind to let your voice be heard.  You’ll find Namara’s blog in the menu of the magazine in the dropdown under “African Influence.”

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