Entertainment Series: Tour and Production Manager Stephen Shaw on Work and Impact

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Stephen Shaw is a veteran in the music industry working in roles that include stage and venue management, payroll, sound engineer, and more.  His work has him involved with artists like Kid Rock, Backstreet Boys, Stone Sour, Dane Cook, and Cage the Elephant.  During the pandemic, however, work has ceased until…, but, meanwhile, Stephen has been involved in something pretty incredible and really meaningful to a population of disabled persons.  Stephen shares with Publisher, Mary Kurek, a bit about his work, the climate in the industry right now, and the cool new “give back” he found from listening to NPR (National Public Radio.)  Meet Stephen Shaw (17-min video)

(Apologies: VocaliD was misstated as VoiceiD in this video.)

Rupal Patel, Founder & CEO, VoicaliD

We contacted VocaliD, the organization Stephen volunteers with for a comment on their work and impact.  Here’s what their Founder & CEO, Rupal Patel, shared with us:

“Your voice is such a personal and powerful means of self expression. At VocaliD, we believe that voice is identity. Whether youare an individual living with speechlessness who relies on an assistive device to communicate, an individual preserving your own voice for your loved ones, or a company seeking a brand voice, the importance of a unique vocal identity cannot be understated.”

“We are so grateful to our diverse and growing community of global Voicebank contributors like Stephen, who have shared their voice on the platform to create unique AI voices for individuals with speech loss. Our AI algorithms blend the recordings of a Voicebank contributor with vocalizations of a matched recipient to create a custom crafted BeSpoke voice. All it takes is reading aloud a couple hours short passages and stories but the impact on the recipient is life changing. To learn more visit us at www.vocaliD.ai. There is an excellent primer to the technology behind AI voices here.”

Stephen’s Contact:

Linkedin:  www.linkedin.com/in/stephen-shaw-068255a