Eleanor Haglund of Aspire360 Opens Doors for CEO-Investor Matchups

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Frontrunners Innovate
Frontrunners Innovate
Eleanor Haglund of Aspire360 Opens Doors for CEO-Investor Matchups

You knew it would take someone who had been on all sides of the CEO/investor experience to figure out how it should be done, right! Well, of course. Eleanor Haglund has deep experience helping both sides prepare and find the best matches to create success. Her new platform, Aspire360 focuses on the early rounds of investments which puts a level playing field in place with resources to elevate and smooth out the match-up partnership for everyone.

Eleanor shares her amazing background in funding and entrepreneurship as well as how her platform works with Frontrunners Innovate Producer, Mary Kurek  Note, the platform is heading into beta soon and she tells us who she’s looking for as collaborators.

Meet Eleanor Haglund.  (19-minute video)

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