Dr Sindhu Bhaskar Created a Financial Ecosystem to Foster Quality of Life for Underserved Persons

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Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar is the Founder and Chairman of EST group headquartered in the US and focused on the future of banking.

Bhaskar is a man with a passionate vision to create an entire ecosystem of solutions rooted in a person’s finances and traditional banking systems. It’s this root where Bhaskar grows his tree. His innovative program grows into almost every critical space touching a person’s quality of life. He calls the overall vision “borderless banking.”

Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek, along with co-host, Kenneth Goodwin, Managing Partner/Founder of Jeanensis and fintech expert, probe Bhaskar for details about his work, current impact on areas of India, and where’s he headed next with the solution.

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Kenneth Goodwin, Founder, GMP, Jeanensis Ventures

Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr., MBA, CFE, WSBA – Senior Managing Principal & President, Jeanensis Capital Markets.

Ken has 20 + years of banking and capital markets experience and is widely sought after for impacted results on digital transformation investment, big data, innovation and technology, and risk management.

Ken is a 10 to Know Global Game Changer, U.S. White House Business Council/Forward member, Aspen Institute Nakasone and Mike and Maureen Mansfield Fellow, and speaker on Digital Transformation, Blockchain, FinTech, RegTech, AI, U.S. and Japan central banking, and risk management.

He is the 1st non-Japanese executive to trade Japanese Government Bonds on the trading floor of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He has been broadcasted on NYSE, NASDAQ, and several radio outlets in the US, Europe, the Caribbean, Japan, and Asia.

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