Dr. Joy Vaughan Promotes Resiliency in Business and in a Summit Being Planned for Barbados

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Dr. Joy Vaughan is a coach who works with mature women Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Veterans to reinvent themselves and master the art of resiliency.

Her work includes a neurocognitive focus and her background and experience support her expertise.

“Dr. Joy,” as she is called, talks with Frontrunners Development‘s CEO, Mary Kurek, about her work and the new summit she’s working on for her home country of Barbados.  (Link in the Contact and Resources Section below to check out the summit)

Meet Dr. Joy Vaughan

Dr. Joy Vaughan’s Bio

Dr. Joy Vaughan is a passionate Brain and Behavior Specialist who focuses on shifting mindsets one neuron at a time. A native of Barbados and graduate of Columbia and Nova Universities, she is a well-known personal development, neurocognitive, and emotional intelligence practitioner.

Dr. Joy has helped many individuals and companies to increase their employees’ performance, improve their bottom line, and be resilient.

She is the author of her children’s anti-bullying book and curriculum Three Mean Alligatorsher empowerment and inspirational Powerful People: Powerful Lives for Teens, and Young Adults, The 7-Step Empowerment Series for the Secular and Christian Souls, as well as her online Seminar Empowerment Series, and The Art of Resilience: Phoenixes Rising.

Dr. Joy Vaughan’s Contact and Resources

Connect with Dr. Joy Vaughan on LinkedIn

Dr. Joy Vaughan’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joy.vaughan.3388

Dr. Joy Vaughan’s Website: https://www.drjoycoaching.com/

Business Resilience Summit (Oct. 2023) Details: https://www.drjoycoaching.com/business-resilience-summit

Mary Kurek will be speaking about Business Development at the summit. Click to read more and sign up for the summit.