Dr. Ismail Badjie May Have Launched the Best Solution for Wellness and Healthcare in The Gambia

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Dr. Ismail Badjie is not your usual pharmacist. He has several years under his belt running a well-managed community pharmacy in the US, an experience that gave him the inspiration to take wellness and patient care back to his homeland in The Gambia in a very innovative way. He literally takes it to their door. A well-traveled young man, Badjie grew up in a diplomatic family, learning and growing with diverse backdrops that no doubt helped him to develop his sense of giving back and creative mass impact.

In this interview with Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek, Ismail talks about his journey in founding InnovaRx Global Health, how it has developed, and where he’s going with it next. InnovaRx is open to partnerships.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ismail-d-badjie-pharmd-5265734b

Company site: www.innovarxglobal.com