Dr Hassan Tetteh Brings the Art of Human Care to the Forefront of Medical Training and Practice

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Thoracic Surgeon, AI Strategist, Heart Health Expert, Speaker, and Author, Dr. Hassan Tetteh, promotes and writes about what he refers to as, The Art of Human Care.  While he has written other books, it’s The Art of Human Care series that was produced to help medical professionals understand the entire patient and to help them not only live but live toward the dreams and goals they envision.

It’s his genuine desire and mission to see that he helps patients through their health crises but also to help them realize the best version of themselves moving forward. In this interview with Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek, and co-host, Ehsan Vaghefi of Toku Eyes, Dr. Tetteh shares his journey into medicine and his globally relevant message about moving healthcare to human care.

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Dr Tetteh’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hassanatetteh/

Dr Tetteh’s Website: https://www.doctortetteh.com 

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