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David Wheeler is Helping to Develop a Sustainability-Minded Workforce Using Career-Path Education

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From his beautiful home setting in Costa Rica, David Wheeler, as Principal of Sustainable Transitions, is navigating the challenging path toward inserting sustainability training into higher education curriculums worldwide. It’s a task for which he is well prepared.

An academic leader, himself, he knows the approaches and the drivers for the process of getting what he calls “plug and play” training into career pathways. He believes students are the influencers when it comes to credited education they can really use on their resumes. As it turns out, this training is free and with the right overseer on board, easy to incorporate.

David knows that everyone wins with the implementation of sustainability education.  We will start to see a workforce that has extra skills to enhance opportunities for any job. Employers will love the creative problem solvers they’ll have to help them grow their companies, and the world gets better innovators and a future with sustainability more purposefully adapted.

David explains the process and the types of partners he’s looking for with Frontrunners Development President, Mary Kurek.

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2021 Climate Change Conference: Plenary Session with David Wheeler

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Dr Wheeler’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-wheeler-69777527/

Dr Wheeler’s site: https://sustainable-transitions.com/

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