Dave Sanderson Shares Why and How He Lived After US Airways Flight 1549 Landed in the Hudson

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Dave Sanderson, Author of Moments Matter and God Gives You The Lessons When YOU Are Ready

Publisher’s Note: On January 15th, 2009, Dave Sanderson had a personal meeting with his Maker.  He wasn’t on a hospital gurney, but, in an airplane seat as US Airways Flight 1549 ran into a flock of birds upon take-off and the pilot navigated the plane into an emergency “ditching,” splashing into the Hudson River in New York.  Dave lived.  Boy, did he live, and it was all part of a greater plan…one that Dave just had to get a handle on.  He had some great mentors to support him, including good pal, Tony Robbins, but, the story that was to unfold was more than a story.  It was a story that turned out to be a legacy that I believe started before Dave ever set foot on that plane.  And, like all legacies; the passion and determination behind it make it nothing short of a mission.

I was introduced to Dave recently by a colleague who told me Dave was just an awesome human being.  He’s right.  And, literally, by total happenstance, I ended up interviewing Dave during the launch-week of his second book, God Gives YOU the Lessons When YOU Are Ready.”

I’m including his bio and links to his Daily Leadership Tip on Alexa and his books below the interview. Please meet Dave Sanderson.  (20:45 min video)


Dave’s Contact:

Web sitehttps://davesandersonspeaks.com/





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