COVID-19 Success Story From an Enterprising Native of Uganda

In News by Mary Kurek

Publisher’s note:

“Mubiru Dissan or ‘Dissan’ as we call him is a graduate from Uganda of our 2019 World Hope Youth Mentors Pilot program that was inspired by an edition of Frontrunners Innovate on African development. During the early days of the pandemic, we checked in with Dissan and discovered the devastating news that he had lost his job due to conditions surrounding the pandemic and that the only other wage-earner in the house could not support the 7-member family.  We were left with only prayers to send his way.  But, as it happens, Dissan has become a role model for how to reverse your situation in the face of extreme challenge. This is a feel-good story like you wouldn’t believe.  We are so impressed with what this young man has accomplished that we simply have to share it.  We hope you will, too.  This is a pdf of his story that is mostly shared in pictures.”

“When Dissan sent us this story, he said ‘I’m proud to be part of the innovators’ platform. This has stirred up all my abilities and I know more is yet to manifest. With your guidance and experience I will cover miles in excellence and achievement of life goals.’

We always knew Frontrunners Innovate was more than a magazine, and the Frontrunners League is more than just a membership.  It’s nice when we get proof.”