Connections in The Introducer Magazine on FinTech Literacy

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Here are the connections we see in the 18th Edition of The Introducer Magazine on FinTech Literacy and Creativity in Finance:  If you see an opportunity for connection for yourself here, you can reach us at

Linda Goetze of the current edition and Alana Stott of a previous edition in the summer of 2019 would have a good conversation about a shared interest in charity surrounding helping people get past a crisis and heal. Alana has begun the Breaking Chains movement out of the UK that is gaining momentum regarding the eradication of Human Trafficking.  We believe that fits on a level with Linda’s interest.  Connecting with advocates in the US is on Alana’s to-do list.

My guess is that Linda and Tory Cenaj (previous edition) already know of each other due to their shared interest in blockchain leadership.  But, if not, they should connect.  They could be quite useful to each other in terms of sharing contacts and co-developing events.

Tom Fox, GRC Evangelist/Podcast Expert

Tom Fox and Ksenija Cipek of the current edition should connect relative to Tom’s GRC background and her expertise in taxes.  Tom has a podcast and she would make a great guest. Of note, as of Jan 31, 2020, Linkedin notified us that our posting of Ms. Cipek using the hashtag #taxes was trending with 4,275,556 followers on that hashtag.

Tom and Lavinia Osbourne of the current edition both have podcasts in the fintech space, so it’s not a far reach to think that there could be a collaboration to share content between audiences.  Also, Tom and Linda might connect as Linda is looking for global regulators. My guess is that Tom has a few in his 40k + network.  Additionally, Linda runs the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce — maybe another good podcast guest for both Tom and Lavinia.

Lavinia wants to work with celebs in the wealth sector.  Suggestion here is that she connect with Antwain Thomas (Frontrunners Advisory Board) who works in wealth and has contacts in the entertainment space.  She’ll need to contact us for that.

Raymond Mobrez of the current edition should connect with Dr. Osita Aniemeka (previous edition) as Raymond wants to meet leaders in Central Banks and Dr. Aniemeka works at the Central Bank in Nigeria.  And again, Raymond could be another great guest for Tom’s podcast.

Rakshit Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director Top 40 under 40 EU-India Leaders List 2019

We have already instituted some introductions we have not placed in this posting as they are potential business-in-progress.  Also, we’ve noted that some people have already started connecting on Linkedin.  Nice.  We are all about business development.  (As always, when considering approaching someone for business purposes, conduct your own due diligence to satisfy yourself of all details.)

The next edition of the magazine will be focused on sustainable programs generated by Africans in Africa.  We are open to feature article contributions from reputable sources.  Should you know of a resource, please share or send them our way.  If you need to connect with us, email