Climate Action and Agriculture Impact Focused on Nigeria

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Editor’s Note:  Below you’ll find two people who are focusing their work and ideas on creating sustainable development in Africa by working on climate change solutions in Nigeria.  Adewumi Mojisola (we call her Sola) is no stranger to The Introducer readers.  She was featured in our 14th edition on Developing Youth as Global Citizens.  It’s no surprise then that you’d find her back in the magazine featuring one of the projects she’s doing with the women entrepreneurs she works with in Nigeria.  Climate action is only one area of sustainable development in which she works, but, her program is such a creative idea that provides relief for two problems at once, that we had to share.

Dr. Tony Bello was introduced to us by a colleague of his (Dr. Osita Aniemeka), a Frontrunners League member featured in the same edition of the magazine that featured our dear “Sola.”  Though Tony is located in the US, he has roots back home in Nigeria and the aim of the company he manages is directly tied to what happens in Africa with climate change and climate action.  They are preparing for both for the sake of us all.

Please learn more about these two leaders and their programs by checking their websites and Linkedin profiles for more information…and share.

Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century Tree-Planting Program

Planting Trees is Saving More Than the Land in Nigeria

From Adewumi Mojisola, Founder, 21st Century Entrepreneurship, Nigeria, on the Promotion of Women Empowerment and Rights Project that pays women entrepreneurs a stipend to plant trees in desolate areas.  Here’s Sola’s commentary on why that activity is needed:

“Tree planting is very crucial in Nigerian communities and villages due to the fact that our ecosystems are gradually collapsed because of the impact of climate change, simply because there are no trees to serve as natural windbreakers and the effects are drought, desertification, farmers-herders conflict, and ecological hazards among others.  In order to tackle these challenges, there is a need for rapidly restoring landscapes now.”

“To prepare people to be ready for the future, our only alternative is to promote tree-planting as the most direct form of maintaining the universal ecological balance.  For instance, before now, there were lush forests for the womenfolk to cut down wood for cooking. But, today, there are no such trees, for they have been cut down already, and new ones were not planted in their place. The terrain is now barren; and as more children are born, more mouths to feed, there are more women to fetch firewood, but no wood to fetch, resulting in hunger.”

Mojisola Adewumi, Founder, 21st Century Entrepreneurship, Nigeria

“Presently, our initiatives are able to cater to only 50 women, mostly young widows via the climate-smart project, entrepreneurship, and education.  We have about 4000 others in rural communities that need urgent help. Frankly, without empowering community women in a sustainable manner, there is no way insecurity, poverty, human trafficking, and modern slavery will end.”

Sola offers this quote from a tree-planting project participant:  Elizabeth says: “Financial independence has been a major barrier to me as a widow and other community women, due to my inability to own land arising from customary practices which, in turn, limits access to farming and credit facilities, thus increases levels of poverty among rural women. If Global 21st Century hadn’t come up with viable alternatives to employ us to plant trees and get paid towards sustainable living, then we’re going to get stuck. For instance, this initiative helps our community women gain awareness of their rights and play an active role in claiming their rights and provide livelihoods.”

Mojisola’s Networking Interests:

  • Executive Director, UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo- Ngcuka due to the organizational role in promoting gender equality, inclusiveness and leadership development of young women and girls.
  • Founder WomenForWomen International, Zainab Salbi is really appealing to me. I believe so much in her mission strong women strong nation.
  • Partner with international organizations who work to empower women, fight poverty, and advance gender equality at the community level.




Climate-Smart Agriculture is the Path for Nigeria

From Dr. Tony Bello who is the Managing Director of Shine Bridge Global:

Dr. Tony Bello, Managing Director, Shine Bridge Global

Shine Bridge Global Inc, a burgeoning Africa-focused food and agribusiness company with a heart; we are a locally grown African Minority-Owned Small Business headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States. We do not manufacture the foods you eat, but we make the foods you eat better. We are passionate about our foods and our brands. We are striving to become globally known in the 21st Century marketplace through our excellence of delivery of goods and services and in the supply of high quality, safe and nutrient-rich food ingredients to global consumer food processors and manufacturers.”

Shine Bridge is hosting a roundtable September 27th, 2019 in Washington DC at the heels of the UNGA meetings in NY with leaders in government and private sector from Nigeria.  The Governor of Edo State, the Honorable Godwin Obaseki, will be in attendance to discuss with stakeholders how to leverage the current administration’s foresight for prospering Africa.  Agribusiness and climate change is at the heart of that conversation with new terminology as quoted from a friend of Dr. Bello’s…we are aiming for “climate-smart agriculture.”

Dr. Bello’s Networking Interests: 

  • People in branding who might help us point ourselves toward progressive investment
  • Professionals who understand generational alignment and can help us with culture differences
  • Professionals who understand moving capital and can tie all resources together for impact


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