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Connections in The Introducer Magazine on FinTech Literacy

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Here are the connections we see in the 18th Edition of The Introducer Magazine on FinTech Literacy and Creativity in Finance:  If you see an opportunity for connection for yourself here, you can reach us at Linda Goetze of the current edition and Alana Stott of a previous edition in the summer of 2019 would have a good conversation …

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Author and Blockchain Expert Radhika Iyengar Shares Intel on Enterprise Blockchain From New Book

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The banking and financial services sectors are familiar to all of us. Most of us use their services regularly and have experienced high transaction costs/fees, lengthy transaction times, and slow processes. What most of us don’t realize is that these issues are due to significant inefficiencies that are passed on to the consumer. Banks and financial services companies pride themselves …

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Questioning What Teens Know About Digital Finance by Marley Dozier

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FINANCE AND YOUTH…WE SHOULD FOCUS MORE ON EDUCATION From Discover’s Credit Resource Center, A Guide to Personal Finance for Teens …” research shows most teenagers in the U.S. –and even across the world – understand very little about the wide world of finances that awaits them as future college students and young adults.”   From an international perspective, reported some interesting statistics based …

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Fintech Innovations in Mobile Finance by Alia Noor

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The Payment Space goes back!   As long as Mankind goes back! But what is Exciting in Payments? Mode of payment has become fast, faster, fastest. “Technology” had moved us from wagons to trains to planes with ability to move slowly to more quickly to much more quickly to much, much more quickly. Money and payments are at the center of …