Brett Puterbaugh Matches Education and Mentors with Communities in Need

In Education, Features24 by Mary Kurek

New library just completed by the Village Book Builders Team in Adieso, Ghana.

Brett Puterbaugh is the Chief Impact Officer for Village Book Builders, headquartered in the U.S.  What Brett and his partners do is to create an education opportunity where there isn’t any.  They do that with a combination of hardware, software, mentors, and books – lots and lots of books.  They partner with areas of the world where even connectivity to the Internet may be a bit of an issue.  They bring in the right equipment and supplies and help their partnering school to set up the program, often, with just the commitment to be a dedicated partner.

Brett’s always looking for more partners around the world, and, in this interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek, he shares the story of his organization, how and where they are creating impact, and the types of partners with whom they work.  Meet Brett Puterbaugh.  (26-minute video)


Brett in Obomosu, Ghana, on his first Village Book Builder expedition.

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