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Stanley Li of Netswitch Combines Cybersecurity with GRC for a Complete Risk Management Solution

In Data, Podcast, Technology by Mary Kurek

Stanley Li has a solid background in technology and entrepreneurship that supports his development of a cybersecurity and risk mitigation solution that includes today’s pressing workload around Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). The CyberRisk Governance™ system integrates AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics to help organizations increase cyber resilience and meet regulatory compliance objectives.  It’s a mission Stanley has accomplished …

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Marc Freedman of Evolved Profits Unlocks Your Budget and Opens Up Profit and Impact

In Business Development, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Marc Freedman is the Co-Founder of Evolved Profits. He is a Certified Expense Reduction Consultant and the Best-Selling Author of Expense to Profit: Eliminate The Costs That Sabotage Your Growth. Marc is a great detective at finding the nooks and crannies in a business or nonprofit where unnecessary expenses and lost income hide. He knows where to look in the …

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Cathy Dimarchos and Women Impact Leaders Talk About Managing Change Agency

In Empowerment, Live Introductions, Podcast, womensempowerment by Mary Kurek

Cathy Dimarchos is the Founder of Solutions2You, an Australian-based company that helps visionaries, philanthropists, governments, and business leaders bring their vision to life through strategic advice, financial literacy training, leadership coaching, and business advisory.  Her work in developing impact programs in African countries and other marginalized areas of the world, along with her targetted approach with corporations to invest in …

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Tyler Clark Helps Refugees Secure Paid Work That Changes Lives

In Africa, Employment, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Podcast Episode (Season 10, Episode 6) Tyler Clark is the Co-Founder of Zawadie, a platform that helps refugees at a camp in Malawi work as outsourced talent on projects like graphics, website design, social media management, and other tasks. The ultra-reasonable pricetag, teamwork protocol, high level of educated and quite talented workers, and founder management is amazing, but add in …

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Dr. Dorine Rivers Created Savantz as an Easy-to-Use AI Edutainment Tool

In Education, Podcast, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

Dr. Dorine Rivers has a strong background in helping companies grow their customers and revenue. Her credentials and adventures read almost like a novel as she has conquered new challenges throughout her career. When she got around to writing about it, the book came first, but, when she was advancing her content into courses, the arduous task of many hours …

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Caregiving Expert Pamela D. Wilson Helps Caregivers with Resources and Advice

In Aging, Health, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Pamela D. Wilson is a caregiver expert.  She provides answers, resources, and skills that translate into peace of mind for people who find themselves involved in the important yet sometimes emotional and challenging work of caregiving.  Pamela holds an MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA, and has a healthy bundle of experiences that fall under healthcare access and financial responsibilities, as well …

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Christopher Turner of Emergicon Helps Patients and the First Responder Community

In Health, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Christopher Turner is the Founder and CEO of EMERGICON and EMERGIFIRE based in Texas. His background in the finance side of healthcare moved Christopher to create solutions for both patient and the under-supported first responders who deliver life-saving care. In this episode of Frontrunners Innovate, you’ll meet Christopher who will share his story and also hear from Co-Host, Drew Aversa, …

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AGE Africa Helps Girls in Malawi Find Success Through Commitment to Education

In Africa, Education, Empowerment, Podcast by Mary Kurek

Concepción Gaxiola is the Executive Director of Advancing Girls’ Education-Africa (AGE-Africa). She is normally found at the organization’s Washington DC headquarters, but, just days after our podcast recording, she was flying out to Malawi to spend some time with the staff and girls. AGE Africa works to connect girls to a sustainable future through regular school attendance. The aim is …

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Dr. Teta Banks and the World Federation of UN Associations Bridge Community Gaps for UN SDGs

In Podcast, Publisher Channel by Mary Kurek

The World Federation of UN Associations (WFUA) and it’s many global UN Associations operate as a sort of bridge between the United Nations and civil society to bring more localized concerns to the forefront. The Hon. Dr. Teta Banks, chair of WFUA talks with Frontrunners Innovate about the work of the organization and shares specifics with Mary Kurek and co-host, …

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Celebrations Clips 3: Business Development That Starts with “What If”

In Business Development, Climate, Podcast by Mary Kurek

“What if” business development became a response to a call for help…from a global leader? Or… “What if” business development started with simply providing information on a gray-area topic that could open funding opportunities to innovators with climate projects? Or… “What if” business development took on a collaborative role with large organizations by creating a curated community of entrepreneurs who …