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Poems from girls around the world – A gift to the United Nations

In Daughters Global, Mentorship, Publisher Channel by Lisa Cole

It is an honor and privilege of the Daughters Global Leadership Mentoring Program to gift to the United Nations on the 2021 Day of the Girl Child this special poetry booklet commemorating all that the girl child means to the world. On Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, the production team on this project presented the booklet to Youthgether Global Organization. Having …

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Magazine Archive

In Features24 by Lisa Cole

The Introducer Volume 1 – Sept. 2017 10 to Know Game Changers The Introducer Volume 2 – Oct. 2017 10 to Know Game Changers The Introducer Volume 3 – Nov. 2017 10 to Know Game Changers The Introducer Volume 4 – Dec. 2017 10 to Know Game Changers The Introducer Volume 5 – Jan/Feb 2018 Finance & Operations The Introducer …

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Jake Harriman and Nuru International Address Challenges in Violence-Prone Areas with Solutions to Extreme Poverty

In Agriculture, Peace, Poverty by Lisa Cole

In 2003, while serving as a Platoon Commander in the US Marine Corps Jake had a critically defining moment in his life…the kind of shock that changes you forever.  It’s not a pretty story, but it’s one of the most riveting I think I’ve heard. Hear it for yourself. More on Jake’s story here. Jake attended Stanford Graduate School of …

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Why Asia? Q and A with Julien de Salaberry of Galen Growth

In Health Tech by Lisa Cole

Julien de Salaberry is Galen Growth’s Champion for Scaling Health Tech for an Entire Continent   By Mary Kurek, Publisher and Editor, The Introducer Julien de Salaberry is the CEO and founder of Galen Growth Asia (GGA) headquartered in Singapore. This thought leader and digital-health advocate calls himself a “healthcare change catalyst and evangelist who challenges the status quo in …

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Finding the SwitchPoints: Events that Spark Connections

In Features12, Health Tech, News by Lisa Cole

Partnership and innovation go hand-in-hand. That’s why IntraHealth International’s moonshot division, SwitchPoint, works to build the kind of unexpected partnerships that can advance health and social good around the world. IntraHealth’s annual SwitchPoint conference brings together hundreds of leaders from all over the globe and from all backgrounds to share their humanitarian work and stories. As the SwitchPoint organizers, we …