Are You Personally Investment Worthy? Insights and Resources for the Investment Seeker

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Publisher Article (Excerpted from Linkedin Newsletter)

“I have a serial investor on my advisory board, have interviewed several investors for my media platform, and reviewed many innovator pitchdecks and one-pagers.  Over the last 15 years or so, I’ve advised and conducted business development activities for a few hundred startups, but, don’t mistake me for an expert.  When I talk with founders about how they present themselves for marketing, I’m simply calling upon the information and details gathered from years of conversations with investors, investment seekers, and professional fund finders.  One major bit of information I’ve acquired that has stuck with me is this:  So many founders miss the fact that an investor is really investing in them.”

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Along with the article, I mention a few resources.  I’m sharing one below:

Investment Worthiness Checklist:  (Bits of information you might use in your pitch deck leadership profile)

  • XX years teaching XX at the University of XX
  • XX years in executive leadership in XX company – top 100 companies in the world that do XX
  • Raised $XX funds for XX project in (year)
  • Managed a global team of 20 scientists/technicians, etc. toward the launch of a XX
  • Negotiated partnership with (major corp) on a joint venture in (year) for (project) that impacted XX (numbers of people) or disrupted the XX space
  • Winner (year) Innovator of the Year Award from XX
  • XX Association endorsed our project
  • Founder or Board Member of the World XX Association 
  • Founder with previous exits worth XX with best customer service awards from XX 3 years in a row
  • Retired military officer (years)
  • Innovation mentor at XX
  • Former diplomat in service to XX (country)
  • Appointed advisor to national or international business, trade or impact org. (ie:  White House Committee on African Trade, Latin American Chamber of Commerce, World Health Org., etc.)

Never forget that your product, service, or company isn’t going to lead its own success; you and your team will, and the investor knows that.

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