Angela Unufe-Kennedy Takes Innovative Solutions to the Source of Impact

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Dr. Angela Unufe-Kennedy is the Founder of the Migrant & Minority Disability Network Europe and the CEO of MENÀ Humanitarian and Healthcare Awareness Foundation (AFRICA).  She is a leader in creating and facilitating innovative solutions where she sees the gaps to be filled. Relentless in her pursuit of solving communications issues between migrants and health professionals, she started an organization to help families overcome fears and disabled persons get the help they needed.

In this conversation with Frontrunners Innovate Producer/Host, Mary Kurek, she delivers her story and talks about the innovation she’s bringing to Africa and how they are training doctors in hospitals to utilize the device that will impact maternal mortality numbers significantly. She’s also adding in research to bring data flow together with innovation.

Meet Angela Unufe-Kennedy

2022 Project Information:

Current project: 2022 Reducing Surgical site Infection across Sub Sahara Africa. Educating Surgeons and Healthcare professionals on the need to tackle one of the most difficult issues facing the African continent; reducing the rate of infection after surgery. The solution in the device (Irrisept-mentioned in the interview) contains 0.05% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG).  The device is intended to remove debris and microbes from wounds. We are currently ready to run a study on emergency Caesarean sections in three hospitals in Nigeria. (Hospitals listed below)

Hospital 1 –Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital Bayelsa State Nigeria.

Hospital 2: Federal Medical Centre Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Hospital 3: The University of Nigeria in Enugu State Nigeria. – Training to be completed before the start of the project.

Partners/Collaborators in the healthcare (particularly maternal health) space in Nigeria or other areas in Africa are welcome.

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