An Inspirational Poem for International Men’s Day by Chaitali Sinha

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The following is a poem written and shared by one of our resident youth poets at Frontrunners Innovate, Miss Chaitali Sinha of India in celebration of International Men’s Day, 2021.

Poetess, Chaitali Sinha

Chaitali is an 18-year-old aspiring design student from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. At the age of 12 years, she was inspired by nature and started writing poems as a hobby. She blogs under the title “Life View Through Poems with Chaitali.” This is where she shares her poems to spread love and peace with her signature name of “Preet,” which means LOVE. Chaitali is an artist, contributing sketches and doodles that illustrate her poems on the blog.  A student of design, she writes stories, converting them into a script, storyboards, or comics, though preferring to write inspirational and informative pieces. Chaitali is interested in the Film and Television Industry and is eager to learn its components and processes, including filmmaking and acting.  She is fascinated with color theory, curious to learn more about various color schemes and the psychological aspects behind them in order to use them in the design field.