Ambassador Ghazala Khan Meets with Young Policymakers to Answer Questions

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What you see below is a clip of a Q & A conversation between Ambassador Ghazala Khan of Pakistan, Prince Omenihu, James Akan, Chukwuma Okenwa, (Nigeria), and Sam Dougherty (US). The young leaders have an interest in policymaking as well as understanding how the United Nations can be of assistance to them as they try to make impactful changes in their areas.

Each of the young people involved in this conversation has either studied international politics and governance, is involved in policymaking, or has created programs that speak to the needs of young people in their respective areas.  Prince, James, and Chukwuma are all from Nigeria.  Sam has just completed her summer internship with a member of our Frontrunners League and heading back to college to continue her studies in related subjects.

We are sharing the recorded conversation here in the hopes that the information will stir further conversation.  (Note: If you are a young leader interested in policymaking and governance, please let us know.  Contact here.)

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