After 2020 – A Poem By a Young African Influencer and Empowerment Advocate

In Africa Innovators and Influencers, Fill Your Mind With Namara by Mary Kurek

Namara Lwansa is the youngest member of The Frontrunners League (global group of influencers, innovators, and advocates).  An up-and-coming leader in Tanzania, Namara works hard at her studies and studies hard at what is becoming her “work.”  Better said…her “impact.”  Namara is the first young blogger to have her own spot here within Frontrunners Innovate.  We hope you will encourage and support her and the continued development of her talent and leadership.  Africa needs her.  The world needs her.  And, 2021 definitely does.  Here’s her goodbye to 2020 in a video poem, entitled After 2020.



AFTER 2020

In the beginning, we declared,

That this year would be ours

Our goals were prepared,

Stocked in ‘dream oriented’ towers,

But, not long from the start

We fell into uncertainty

Our lives as a whole,

Felt like doom for eternity,

Separated from our joy

And separated from our families,

With nowhere to be employed,

We were living in a tragedy,

The seasons came and went,

Many filled with stress

Everything else just felt irrelevant,

But if we pick up our broken year,

And attempt to attach the pieces,

It starts to become clear,

That its value seemingly increases, 

We learned to love the things we had

As well as the things we didn’t

To care for those around,

Because their value may be hidden,

We let the world breathe from the harm that we caused it.

Some families where fixed, while others were broken

But it’s all for God’s plan,

That never is spoken.

Namara at Dar debate 2020.

Namara Lwansa is a young student from Tanzania whose speaking and writing talents have already started carving a leadership path for her in areas of Africa.  The youngest Frontrunners League member is now the first African blogger in the new section of this magazine dedicated to African Influencers and InnovatorsFill Your Mind is Namara’s contribution in blog form, often accompanied by video interviews that will include content relevant to everyday things, modern-day issues, and global situations…all of which will help Fill Your Mind to let your voice be heard.  You’ll find Namara’s blog in the menu of the magazine in the dropdown under “African Influence.”