Advisor Interview: Dr. Randal Pinkett and Lawrence Hibbert of BCT Partners

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Pinkett and Hibbert of BCT Partners

We all know that data is king, but, do we know specifically what data is significant and then what to do with that data so that it makes a difference to customers, business, impact dollars, students, patients, public health, government programs, and so on?  Dr. Randal Pinkett and Lawrence Hibbert of BCT Partners know the answer.  In this interview with Publisher, Mary Kurek, Pinkett and Hibbert share their formula for precision data development and prescriptive consulting that creates a map for the entire life-cycle of sets of data.  What’s really important about this for innovators is that there’s no reason to innovate if you aren’t going to know your data.  Investors understand the value of data and are looking beyond marketing research.  This is one priority you don’t want to miss.


Meet Pinkett and Hibbert in this interview.  (27-minute video)

“BCT Partners and The African American Leadership Council (AALC) of Johnson & Johnson partnered together to develop and launch an extraordinary online experience that became the envy of all employee relations groups within J&J. BCT worked diligently to create a capability that reflected the heart and soul of the AALC and provided a digital presence that was second to none!  BCT has been an invaluable partner on our journey to growth and excellence.”

— Zacharie Lemelle, former CIO, Johnson & Johnson

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