Adeyinka Adewale and Genevieve Bosah Talk About the Africa Social Innovators Network

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Adeyinka Adewale founded the Africa Social Innovators Network after he arrived in the UK from his homeland in Africa and began working with young people at a local church on developing confidence and empowerment toward education and entrepreneurship. The youth needed help in confidence-building and some skills to tackle creating a better future for themselves.  The solution began forming in Adeyinka’s mind and the Network started to grow. Adeyinka and Genevieve Bosah, who manages a good bit of the organization’s programs and inner workings, spoke with Frontrunners Innovate Producer and Business Developer, Mary Kurek about the impact they are creating inside the diaspora and back home in Africa.

Meet Adeyinka Adewale and Genevieve Bosah.  (32-minute video)

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